Old McDonald's Farm

Exploring farm animals with your child

Materials Required

  • Assorted farm animal toys
  • Pictures of farm animals
  • A quiet comfortable space

Optional materials

Old McDonald's Farm story book

Play experience profile

Play Experience Preparation

Find a comfortable and quiet area to introduce your child to Old McDonald's Farm

Experience Steps

  1. Show your child the toys or images of farm animals.
  2. Encourage or help your child name the animals.
  3. Make farm yard animal noises.
  4. Sing or say the song "Old McDonald had a farm". Watch the video below of the song to help you!
  5. Read the story if you have a copy at home of "Old McDonald's Farm".

What to talk about, or questions to ask during the experience

  • Farm, farmer
  • Animals e.g. horse, goat, chicken, dog and cat
  • Sounds e.g. neigh, baa, woof, meow
  • Colours e.g. red, blue, yellow, green etc.

Build on this...

  • Encourage your child to draw and talk about their favourite farm animal.
  • Plan a visit to a local farm for a day trip.
  • Encourage your child to sing this song during the daily routine to encourage early communication skills.
  • Make a farm animal matching game at home.

WHO guidelines for physical activity and sedentary behaviour

Provide evidence-based public health recommendations for children, adolescents and adults on physical activity. Learn more

This is a quiet activity, to add more opportunity for physical activity you and your child could walk around the room like each of Old McDonald's animals.

EYLF Outcomes

The Early Years Learning Framework has been designed for use by early childhood educators working in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators. View PDF

  1. Children engage with a range of texts and gain meaning from these texts
  2. Children express ideas and make meaning using a range of media
  3. Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes

EYLF Principle

Principle 3: High expectations and equity. Children progress well when they, their parents and educators hold high expectations for their achievement in learning.

EYLF Practice

Practice: Continuity of learning and transitions. Building on children’s prior and current experiences helps them to feel secure, confident and connected to familiar people, places, events and understandings.




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